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'Bottleneck' slows brain activity. US researchers have found why we struggle when multitasking, due to a processing "bottleneck" in the brain. Whereas tasks that are separated by a short space of time are processed without an issue.

Japan women called child machines. Japan's Health Minister has not so delicately referred to Japanese women as needing to be "child machines", in an attempt to boost the birth rate.

Duck comes back from dead, again. The bizarre story of a duck that was supposedly shot dead by a hunter, kept in a fridge for 2 days, and was then found to still be alive. Vets then performed surgery on the duck to save it. What a strange world.

Queensland to drink waste water. Ozzies might have to start drinking their recycled pee, due to the worst drought on record. The idea isn't popular though, although it's already done in Japan and the UK.
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