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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Retail Cravings
BB Piano
Call me a sap, but I've got this real hankering to hear The King and I soundtrack, specifically the version from the 1956 film. Can I find it *anywhere* for download? Can I heck, and I mean *anywhere* including iTunes etc. Perhaps this is some residual childhood memory, as I remember singing "Getting to Know You" when I was at school.

This might actually mean having to buy a CD, assuming I can even find it on that. Although it seems eBay can cope.

In other news, I'm very tempted to get a TV capture card, or at least a USB connectable box. This is mostly so I can return the favour at UKNova.com and start capturing some UK TV for the folks who are abroad. The craving to buy it has subsided though, and I can't find something immediately that looks like it'll do the job.

The craving *has* returned to buy an iPod 80Gb though. I'm wondering if Anapod Explorer will solve the cover art problem. It'd be lovely to have an 80Gb player in the car for those long commutes. eBuyer are also a fair bit cheaper than PC World 'n the high street lot. Decisions decisions...

I'm also hankering after a Mac Mini, or something similar in the Apple line. It'd be nice to finally try one and see whether I could be dragged, perhaps kicking and screaming, over from Windows. I'm sure I'd miss some software (I don't think there's a Winamp for OSX, which would be a major no-no), but mostly I'm just curious.

My final retail craving (aside from the LG 50" plasma) is for a new camera. I guess it'd have to be SLR so I could fit a decent zoom lens, and something than can cope significantly better with low light than the current one. Also I'm guessing it would be Canon, as I hear so many good things about them.

Perhaps it would be better if I were stuck in the Brazilian countryside as craving therapy?

(Ah yes, forgot to mention the Orange M3100. I guess I better enter the lottery today)