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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)

When choosing a place to live, what's more important between these two?

The inside of the flat/apartment/house
The local area where it's located

Given the choice, where would you rather live?

A city
The countryside

If you had the choice between a great area to live and a long commute, or a not so great area and a short commute, what would you choose?

Great area / long commute
Not so great area / short commute

What poll question would you ask about choosing where to live?

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The area/commute question got me, as it also involves how much you like your job, and likelihood of changing jobs and so on.

Ah yes, I should have qualified that this would be for the same job, that is all other things being equal. If you see what I mean.

(These polls are always complicated! ;-)

yeah but it's still matter how much you liked the job and how much you'd want another one. I've lived in Bad Area with short commute and Good Area with long commute, and what really matters is how many mates you've got in the area. I loved it in New Cross because so many of my friends lived there, and that's one of the worst areas in London allegedly.

So base it on an average job, and assuming you don't want to move elsewhere (keeping it simple). Again assuming a similar number of friends in either area, or that one areas has lots of friends and that makes it good... basically whatever makes it a good area for you.

If life only were that simple, eh?

Indeed. Thankfully we have polls we can pretend with ;-)

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