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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)

When choosing a place to live, what's more important between these two?

The inside of the flat/apartment/house
The local area where it's located

Given the choice, where would you rather live?

A city
The countryside

If you had the choice between a great area to live and a long commute, or a not so great area and a short commute, what would you choose?

Great area / long commute
Not so great area / short commute

What poll question would you ask about choosing where to live?

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Depends on if you are going to buy or rent?

Right now Craig & I are currently living with my parents, saving money to buy rather than rent. Not sure how renting, housing etc works over there. But here in California-- it's better to invest in a home. For one, if we fixed anything up--we can use that as a tax write off :)

But back to the subject. I feel it's up to where you & Lu want to settle down. Moving is a huge commitment. Personally I would like to live close to the city (close to cafe's, cinema, shopping, etc.)but in a quiet area (close to the water & hiking trails would be a bonus!)But right now I'm going over areas in San Diego--keeping a file on the crime rate, housing market, etc. and trying to narrow down how much we can afford.

More than anything I don't want to live in a high crime area..Even if we have to pay a bit more, I would rather do that & have peace rather than saving money and being worried if our flat is going to get broken into, or if I can't even walk outside during certain hours of the night.

What do you want?

This is re. buying, so for the long haul. Although I was more curious how the split was with others.

I think we'd have to get somewhere reasonably sized, so will have to compromise on area if we're to stay somewhere near here.

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