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Tried the C&C3 demo, and aside from a bug with speech, it all looks very pretty and is entertaining. Nothing much new though, other than new units and graphics.

In other news, I'm very impressed with Five's Gadget Show. I'm watching a programme from a week or two ago, and it covers two favourite topics: large flat panel TVs, and mid-range digital cameras. The conclusion about large flat panel TVs was to spend as much as you can on a good brand make, and that it doesn't really matter whether it's Plasma or LCD (it's swings and roundabouts, even though I just bought an LCD). The cameras were tested in a range of environments, and none were particularly brilliant in the dark. Although the Fuji came out top compared with a Sony and Panasonic.

On the topic of TV buying, the one I was after has just gone out of stock at the site I got it from. I hope this means that I have one reserved prior to the finance being agreed...
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