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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Me (Webcam)
It's been a gorgeous springtime day today, with mild temperatures, blue sky and sun.

I went to visit Nan, and she's still in a bad way. She hasn't eaten for 2 weeks, and sleeps most of the time. About all she said was how fed up she was, and I felt powerless to help her. I know Mum feels even more so this way, but ultimately she's just very old and there's not much anyone can do. Mum's away on hols on Friday, so I promised I'd visit Nan every day while she was away, to hopefully give Mum some peace of mind.

In other news, in an attempt to bring my image forward from yesteryear I went to the weird old TK Maxx and spent excessively, although not as much as I expected. I think I got some good stuff though, although it's all too easy to get carried away there.

I had a look at iPods as well, as the guy in Currys didn't mind demoing one. It doesn't do what I want, that is to play tracks that are new to the player, or tracks that haven't been played for a while. It's still very tempting with the colour screen and cover art but I wasn't tempted enough for today. I guess I could always just put the player on shuffle instead, but it's a shame they haven't leverage more of what digital music can do.

The forecast for tomorrow is more of the same weatherwise, and I promised Mum I'd take her out for dinner (along with Dad) as I won't see her for Mother's Day.

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By coincidence I asked about smart playlst on a couple of iPod related forums. Are the criteria in a standard iTunes playlist for local music the same as those you can create on the iPod itself? As there's a LOT of criteria, and that would be great, if possible.

I'm also curious as to whether you need to use dates for time related functions, or can use a period of time e.g. 6 months ago vs. 10th September 2006.

When you say they don't update dynamically: if I queue a playlist which is set to play music from 6 months ago, and play 50% of it, will the 50% already played not be queued up?

(queued up, should I queue the playlist a second time, that is... :S)

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