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Office workers 'risk blood clots'. Time for some office aerobics, as now it's been found via high tech research that sitting around in offices is just as bad for you as sitting around on planes and coaches.

Attraction 'determined by walk'. Women who sway their hips, and men who sway their shoulders, are apparently more attractive. So get swaying!

Lobster hits school dinner menu. A dinner lady who moonlights at weekends on a trawler has brought some of her catch to the school, so the kids get lobster for lunch. Her next plan is to go deer hunting.

Beatles download rumour quashed. The UK music download site Wippit have said in a press release that they'll be the first site to release Beatles' records, although the Beatles have denied it.

Australia headhunts British GPs. After training lots of extra doctors in the UK, and then suffering a glut, Australia are trying to capitalise on said glut by luring the spare doctors to the Aussie countryside. Presumably to cure all the people bitten by spiders, snakes, koalas and other nasties.
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