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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Just saw Ghost Dog. What a great movie!

I'm still suffering with this fucking cold. It was lucky I didn't go to Jo's yesterday because Sam came down with some bizarre virus that made him spotty, and gave him a terrible fever. They took him to casualty last night, and the Doctor earlier in the day. No-one seems to know what's wrong with him. I hope he's gonna be OK :-( but I did speak to him on the phone this morning and he seemed lucid (albeit he wasn't sure if he was Sam or Joshua).

I am intending to not to do anything today and just let this cold run its course. If I do any physical exertion I feel like shit afterwards. Total relaxation (what's new?!). The only irritating thing is that I have felt like doing some exercise the last couple of days.

Saw the PT yesterday. I wasn't really up for it, but it was OKish. She was kinda saying I talked too much. It was also interesting that she said she had thought a lot about my situation. We ended the session doing meditation (!) on the basis that it might help me sleep. Strangely enough, I was totally psyched out by it. I kinda mentally zoomed in on this really relaxed place. It was really very spooky. I've always been fascinated by hypnosis. I would love to be hypnotised. Unfortunately I couldn't repeat the meditation very successfully last night, and I can't really hire her to do this every night when I go to bed, LOL. Anyway, she seems... motivated, which is good. Intelligent, which is also good. But a little newage, which isn't so good. Also she's a little overly critical, which isn't so good.

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I used to have a Usagi Yojimbo game on my Commodore 64 (or was it the Amiga?). I also saw one of his comicbooks in Birmingham last week... I'm more of a Gundam Wing / Ghost in the Shell / Akira man myself.

Ha, can you still get his books? I used to read them about 15 years ago, and thought they were great :-) I also really like GitS and Akira, but not much else in the anime world. Have you seen the GitS standalone complex series?

Not sure what you mean by the GitS standalone complex series. I've got the Anime on DVD, as well as the Comicbook version in one volume. I know there's a sequel to it, but it's never been translated into English to the best of my knowledge. Not even a subtitled version exists as far as I know.

Well I mentioned it because I only found out about it recently whilst in a conversation about how pissed off I was over the lack of quality anime. It's a series of 8 x 30 minute episodes based on the comic (of course) which I assume were shown on Japanese TV or something. They're obviously not as good as the movie, but are still definitely worth watching. I heard the sequel to the movie is going to start production soon but I could be wrong.

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